Award-Winning Filmmaker: Television, Press, International Film Festivals. Sarnoff’s movies dig deep into buried recesses, exposing strengths, idiosyncrasies, oddities, courage, dreams of the underdog… All the lonely people living on the fringe, up close and personal. Spirited, Uplifting.

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The Romeows

‘Older’ people are using Viagra, hooking up on, running marathons, flying planes and safely ditching them in the Hudson. Pull up a chair at this movable feast, break bread with this Brooklyn Band of Buddies who know each other for more than half a century as they break each other’s chops. Their generational perspective connects with "No Country for Old Men" and "Gran Torino" while repelling notions of "Grumpy Old Men" and "Bucket List".

“They never lost touch with their deeply humble, humane and humorous Brooklyn roots.”– Denis Hamill, New York Daily News

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The Irish Ropes

Once a cement box on the corner of Burchell Avenue and Nowhere in Far Rockaway, N.Y., now converted to a boxing gym, “The Irish Ropes” houses the dreams and aspirations of ten Golden Gloves aspirants. Travel the five boroughs with these inner-city ‘kids’ as they battle their way up and out of their circumstances for a chance to climb the four steps into the ring at Madison Square Garden. A middleweight titleholder, handsome, charismatic, Ireland’s John Duddy, emerges, capturing the hearts of New Yorkers.

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Buckle-up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. DISPATCH takes us on a front seat journey to an emergency room, a 3:00 A.M. livery cab ride through Rockaway’s hardscrabble streets, and a bank robbery. Marlboro dangling from his lip, cup of Lipton in one hand, cell phone and land-line pressed against his ear, Jim, the dispatcher smiles, “You sit here, you get a rush”.

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No Rooms Lobby

Set in an S.R.O., we follow Charlie, living on the fringe, all the lonely people, as he struggles to maintain his dignity. “What does he do all day, that bum?” Security’s got to know. The quadrants of the hidden cameras capture his every move. Bicycling through rains, mowing lawns, fixing sinks, boilers, mopping floors, he manages to pay his rent with coins. “Out at 7:00 A.M. back at 7:00 P.M. Where does he get his money, that bum. He got no papers. We have to follow him one day.” “I got to get on the other side of the day’s work”, exhausted, Charlie sighs. He strums an original song that finishes with, “The more I see my fellow man, the more I love my dog.”

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A close-up and personal look at the army of street people collecting bag-loads of cans and bottles. Gain access to their underground world as these ‘pickers’ bicycle and cart multi-colored mountains through congestive gridlocks and biting insults. Seeking redemption, a nickel at a time, all while saving the planet. A graphic image of the Pacific Gyre filled with plastics, sludge and debris, approximating the size of The Continental United States, punctuates the point. “I could bake you a five tier wedding cake, now I’m out of work….I’m not beggin’, I’m not borrowin’, I’m not stealing. I’m doing this to survive”, Richard emotes. “Survival of the fittest”, his partner adds.
Think Studs Terkel Meets Dorothea Lange in “The Longest Day”.


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